International Women’s Day Craft

Did you know that March 8th is the International Women’s Day? Growing up in Soviet Union, it was widely celebrated in Soviet block countries hence proclaimed International. And in Russia until now we only have Women’s Day which is also our Mother’s Day.

Living in China we continue celebrating this day and today we made some craft with tots and then with my daughter – construction paper flowers. It is a very simple craft which can be used for many different occasions – Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Women’s Day, Birthdays

My daughter made a flower for each teacher in her old and new class plus for 2 more administrators who always take care of her (one is our closest friend). Hers were placed in paper cups. The tots made flower beds for their grandmas and moms to take home.

What you will need:

Strips of green construction paper

Cut-out flowers (with my daughter we made double layer, with tots – single layer)

+ small yellow circles for the middle

Double-sided tape


Paper cups (for individual flowers)

Paper plates (for flower beds)

Pieces of construction paper slightly cut for grass (for flower beds)

How to do it:

1. Apply some glue on one end of the strip, roll it, glue the ends together. Form the circles into drop shapes and places into the paper cups. These are your stems.

2. Now apply a little glue in the middle of the big flower and stick the smaller one on top. Fold the petals of the small flower slightly up.

3. Apply some glue on the yellow circles and stick them in the middle of the flowers.

4. Turn the flowers upside down and put pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom.

5. Take the paper off the tape and stick the flowers on top of the stems.


6. You can secure the stems in the cups with double sides paper

For the flower bed version:

Apply double sided tape on the plate. Remove the paper and stick the flowers and the “grass” on top (check out the very first picture in this post).

Do you celebrate International Women’s Day? I’d love to know about it!

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