Kindergartens in Zhuhai {Education in China}

I have made it a mission to write about Kindergartens in Zhuhai. However, it took me a while to get to it!

As the time passes by, there are more and more expat families coming to Zhuhai. And one of the first questions is: what is the situation with schools like here?

Today I will share what kinds of kindergartens Zhuhai has to offer. My own children are in a private Chinese kindergarten and a private Chinese primary school. Their education is in Mandarin Chinese, and at home we speak English. 

Disclaimer: these are very general highlights of what the preschool education system in Zhuhai has to offer. The details may vary from place to place, and so do they fees. If you have something to add here – please get in touch with me, or leave a comment so I can correct, edit, or add the information.

I placed all kindergartens in three categories:

Government/Public kindergarten

Main language: Chinese. Usually (but not all) children who graduate from these kindergartens continue into public schools. 

Curriculum: in accordance with the Education Bureau

Extracurricular activities: depends on the budget and the status of the kindergarten. Low-budget kindergartens usually cost less, have less children, and don’t offer any. Kindergartens with better status and funding offer a range of extracurricular activities (dance, sports, arts etc). All extracurricular activities have extra fees.

Starting age: 1.5 – 3 years old.

Fee range: 500 yuan to 2000 yuan tuition, plus, term fees for books and uniforms, meal fees, and bus fees (if applied).

Note: some of these kindergartens hire full time or part-time teachers to offer extra English classes.

Private Kindergartens:
In this category I included all Kindergartens with fully local management, franchises which have local management; and so-called international kindergartens with foreign teachers.

Main language: Chinese. In some kindergartens a bilingual curriculum has been adopted, where foreign teachers spend half a day or full day with children, participating in their daily activities. Usually children who graduate from these kindergartens continue into public or private schools. 

Extracurricular activities: usually plenty, and they cost extra. 

Starting age: 2 – 3 years old. 

Fee range: 2800 to 8000 yuan a month, plus, term fees, and uniform and book fees, meals and bus fees. 

International kindergartens:
The kindergartens that are part of foreign found international education establishments that offer education to expats and locals children from the age of 2-2.5 to 5 years old. This age range is only applicable for 2 fully international schools in Zhuhai: ZIS (Zhuhai International​ School), and QSI (Quality School International).
Main language: English. Chinese is not offered till 5 years old. 

Extracurricular activities: there are some afterschool activities offered for additional fees. 

Starting age: 2-2.5 years old. 

Fees: Currently, the tuition fee for kindergarten around 80,000 yuan, plus, capital fees, meal fees, and bus fees. 

I am currently working on a list of kindergartens that have experience working with foreigners. Please keep an eye on my blog!

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