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As you know, I am a language teacher, and I have majored (once upon a time) in Roman Philology and teaching English and French. To be honest, I have completely “abandoned” my French and concentrated my attention on English since it was more in demand when I first started teaching and it is still in demand now.

However, throughout my expat years in China, I have met many French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese speaking people and it always fascinated me how much I could understand, especially in writings, since I studied French and Latin at school and at the university.

Being a member of Multicultural Kid Blogs brings me all sorts of interesting opportunities and I have recently been given one to review language material from Language4Kidz.Com

All materials below were provided me free of charge by Language4Kidz.Com, however, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.

I have reviewed the following materials in Spanish on my own since they were a little complicated for my children who have no basic knowledge of Spanish. I was pleasantly surprised I could read and understand about 60-70% of the instructions without translation, granted, I never studied Spanish (thank you, my university and school French teachers, for drilling my knowledge that has helped me be more comfortable with other Latin based language!).

I liked how the lessons were structured: there were clear outlines of every part, very detailed instructions in Spanish, and, as I read later when I scrolled down, in English.

The activities and songs are interesting and they address children’s current level of Spanish.

Two songs that came with the materials – Buenos Dias! and Million de Amigos – are sung very clearly, with defined pronunciation of sounds. Actually, my 3 year old could follow them quite well!

There were 2 ebooks included – Brallaras and Que Te Gusta. Both books have excellent graphics, very inviting and, though, I didn’t understand everything, I could still read and sound the words.

The same goes for two other books in English – Can you see? and Pets all over. Those will be very useful in my ESL classes as they give a lot of room for creativity and practice of language skills.

All in all, I would like to complement Graciela, the founder of Language4Kidz, for creating such interesting curricula!

If you are looking for easy to use and well-structured materials to teach your children/students Spanish and English, I would absolutely recommend you to take a look at Language4Kidz materials!

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