Let’s talk blocks!

Wooden blocks, plastic blocks, soft blocks, colorful blocks, blocks with ABCs… Blocks play very important role in child’s life. There is so much to learn from them, so much to explore. I have never thought about blocks being so important until I noticed something interesting: whenever my toddler is upset, one thing that calms her down for sure is… her bag full of plastic blocks, the ones that have bumps and you put one on top of another. They are big, they are colorful. She can even stand on them (not desirable, but inevitable!) or when they are connected she has a mini-blocks-chair to sit on.

So I decided to google and I found so much on blocks! Did you know that playing with blocks does not only help developing focus, creativity, fine and gross motor skills; but also helps with language development (*)?

There are few things you may want to consider in regard of buying blocks:

–          For infants, it is best to have soft blocks that won’t harm them.

–          Toddlers prefer bigger blocks that come in many colors. They should also be light-weighed as they like to throw them around. Supervision is required until the child is ready to play on his/her own. Also, check the blocks for being non-toxic.

–          Wooden blocks can chip. And the paint can come off. When buying wooden blocks it is important to check safety regulations on paint and quality of the blocks

Let your children play with blocks. Participate in the play – it is very important for the child’s development and for your bonding with him/her. Talk to your child while playing with blocks – you’ll be amazed how easy your child will learn to build towers. Don’t get frustrated if your little one knocks your beautiful castle down – she is just learning and she laughs and enjoys the sound of falling blocks!

Let your children play with blocks. It is never too early. And it is never too late!

Thank you for reading my blog!

* AMA and Archives Journals (2007, October 14). Block-play May Improve Language Development In Toddlers. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 11,  2010, from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/10/071001172822.htm

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