Life Without Coffee


Yes, believe the title: I am coffee free for months now. And that’s a cup of Earl Grey with milk.
Ok, ok. I had coffee in Russia. That was in between my homeopathy courses. Thankfully I had no reverse effect.

What moved me to give up my most favorite drink? Those of you who know me also know that I drank coffee almost literally by gallons. So… where do I start?

In February this year I had my first and the most horrible asthma attack. I’ve been suffering respiratory allergies for over half my life and finally the antihistamines betrayed me.

I ended up on IV for the most part of that day. Then for 3 weeks on Western and Chinese medicine.

Not fancying the future of taking 5-6 different meds for the rest of my life, I decided to give a shot to homeopathy.  Something that had been working for my daughter’s alopecia and that I was hesitant to give up because I was too attached to… coffee.

Nevertheless, it’s been 7 months since I started it and I’ve been able to fully control every slight sign of bronchospasms as well as today is the first time in 6 months I am sick and first time in over a year I have a fever.

So, dear coffee lovers, my health is what I treasure hence I only go to Starbucks now to smell the coffee.

Take care, stay healthy!
Yours truly,
Former coffee addict.

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5 thoughts on “Life Without Coffee

    • Thank you!!! It wasn’t hard in a physical sense – I can go off coffee any time. However I just miss it.
      I agree – homeopathy is great and I love how it has no side effects!

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