Little Hairdresser

I always look for new ways to entertain my 4 year-old when we are out. Whenever we go grocery shopping to one of the biggest shopping malls here we often stop by Starbucks for a snack.

My daughter has a special condition called Alopecia Areata. In her case it is a partial hair loss. She’s had it since last October when she was struck by gastro-enteritis and was so sick plus overdosed with antibiotics that it seems her body went into a shock and the immune system attacked the hair folicles causing bad hair loss. She’s been recovery slowly but steadily and she is taking it rather well, considering her age. She’s always been fascinated by hair and she even has 2 cute wigs which we style – she looks like a dolls wearing them!

Recently she’s been into creating hair styles for her dolls. And I’ve been getting her cute hair clips which she can either put in her own hair or on her dolls’ hair. Once we were in Starbucks and I had just bought her a set of new clips. She asked to hold them and then she suddenly came up with an idea to style my hair. And… it’s been going on practically every day! I love it and she loves it. Whenever we are out where we have to sit down for a while, I let her style my hair. I don’t really worry about people staring or talking about it – she is concentrated, calm and most important – creative. She feels happy doing it and I am happy she is engaged.

Here’s one of her first designs. I must add the designs do mess and tangle my hair but since it is a healthy way of entertainment with no screens or constant supervision – I am fine with that little sacrifice! When we are out, I proudly wear the clips she puts on my hair!

Remember: creativity is a product of imagination and play! Let your children create and develop their imagination!

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4 thoughts on “Little Hairdresser

    • Thank you! I plan on teaching her more designs. She has a Rapunzel doll with long hair that allows making different designs, so she’s been engaged with that a lot too!

  1. I love this post – what a beautiful way to spend your Mother/Daughter outings! Sounds like you daughter has had a hectic time of it this past year – I hope she continues to recover well.

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