MKB Blogging Carnival: Harvest Traditions From Around the World

Autumn is traditionally the time to harvest crops and to prepare for winter by clearing the fields, canning and storing food.
When I was growing up in Russia we always had “dacha” – a summer garden, often with a house and “banya” (Russian sauna) – where we spent time from around April til late September planting, growing, harvesting various crops and just enjoying our summer days with family and friends. As much as I really didn’t like working there as a child,  I am grateful that this place fed us through difficult times of economic crisis where we sometimes literally had nothing but potatoes to eat.  Plus, canning gave us all those delicacies we never dreamed of buying in the shops (it is only now we can!). I have seen my mother and my sister through making all sorts of jams and pickles, various sauces and canned vegetables ready-to-cook for soups and stews. Back in the day we had a book or two with many recipes, plus my mom kept a little hand-written recipe book with recipes from friends and family.
Today’s post is a part of the traditional MKB blogging carnival and I have asked fellow bloggers to share their experiences and stories about growing and harvesting crops in their counties and their families.
Leanna of All Done Monkey shares her experience on apple harvesting with her son. They like going to the Apple Hill and enjoy various fun activities besides apple picking. Read more about the fascinating time you can offer children at  Apple Hill in Leanna’s post  .
Carol of A French American Life shares about introducing harvesting to her children through various holidays and activities. Read more about it in her post on Harvest Time.
Anna from Russian Step by Step Children elaborates more on “dachas” and growing/harvesting experiences in Russia. Reading her post on the Season of Dacha took me back in memories and made feel very nostalgic.
SJ Begonja of Chasing the Donkey shares a post on… olive oil making. We all do love olive oil and this was fascinating for me to read about Adriatic Olives!
Eva of Eva Varga shares about their field trip to a cranberry farm.  Besides that Eva offers a recipe of her family’s favorite cake – Lingonberry cake!
How do you celebrate Autumn? Do you expose your children to the experience of harvesting? Are there any interesting harvesting traditions in your country that are still being practiced? Please share with us!
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