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“Women are the bearers of life-loving energy. Ours is the task of deepening that passion for life and separating from all that threatens life, all that diminishes life; becoming who we are as women; telling/living the truth of our lives; shifting the weight of the world”

~ Barbara Zanotti

I took the inspiration for the title of my blog from the book with the same name by Wendi Momen  –  a compilation of Writings from different Dispensations, poems, inspirational quotes and letters on motherhood.

Motherhood is sometimes looked at as an obligation that women must bear. Little do these people know that in fact motherhood is a blessing to our humanity and mothers have one of the highest station in the eyes of God. Every culture, tradition, religion gives a very special attention to motherhood.

So, what does it mean – to be a mother? Some would say it is to get through pregnancy and bear a child. Some would say it is just to bring up a child. I’d say, motherhood starts when the baby arrives to a mother, by the means of birth or adoption. Pregnant women are mothers, and expecting to adopt women are mothers too. They equally anticipate the arrival of this little bundle of joy into their arms. They plan and prepare for the birth of this baby. Even before this baby is conceived, they plan ahead for their formal, moral and spiritual education.

In our age we should pay more attention to girls’ education and upbringing. For they grow to be the first educators of the humankind. They play the main role in their children’s life and it is the mother who plants the seeds of character into the child’s personality.

I could go on praising mothers and motherhood – I am not the only one. I am a mother myself and before my children were born, every time I thought of being a stay-home mom I’d get shrugs. But when I got pregnant with our first daughter, when I first held her in my arms, the motherhood embraced me. I saw that I could not see myself separated from this little creature and I am forever grateful to my husband who supported and continues supporting my decision to stay home and raise our children.

My hope is that every mother gets to enjoy motherhood as much as I do. I am always compassionate towards and supportive of my mommy friends. I try to help with whatever possible, even if just with some cheerful words.

I wish that this year’s mother’s day we all made a promise to ourselves to help mothers around us: even if just to hold the door for the mom with a child or a pregnant woman; give our seat to a mother despite her age; offer to help choose some items at the shop; and simply smile and tell a mom it is going to be alright when her child throw a tantrum or has a meltdown somewhere public.

Whether you had good relationship with your mom or not, try being supportive to other mothers. Motherhood is not an easy task. It is a 24 hours, 365/366 days a year job that requires a lot of strength, emotions. And no matter whether it is your first or 5th child, motherhood is a never ending school of life, laughter, sadness, frustration, pride for our children’s achievements, falling down and getting up together with our families.


I would live to offer this wonderful prayer for women all over the world, for all the mothers who are working hard to make this world a better place for everyone:

“Thine handmaid, O my Lord, hath set her hopes on Thy grace and bounty. Grant that she may obtain that which will draw her nigh unto Thee and will profit her in every world of Thine. Though art the Forgiving. the All-Bountiful. There is none other God but Thee, the Ordainer, the Ancient of Days.”

~ Baha’u’llah

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