Mother’s Day is here!

Where I come from we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day as it is. We celebrate Women’s Day on March 8th and it is also ┬áMother’s Day. So all the presents and crafts we do then. This concept of Mother’s Day is a new thing for me but I thoroughly enjoy it now being a mother myself as I get to learn and teach new things both to my students and my daughter.

Here’s what we did for Mother’s Day with my daughter. You need – crayons (those that can be easily removed with a flannel cloth or a wet wipe) and a window!

Toddlers will probably enjoy it the most as they are just discovering scribbling and the variety of colors. Just keep an eye on them trying to draw in places you wouldn’t want them to draw! As you can see here we have huge wall size windows so it is in fact fun to draw and stare out of the window.

This is what we did with my students. We took the idea from Super Tots book 1. You can make it yourself and add more. You need a cut-out flower, a bee and a butterfly, 2-3 leaves, a straw and a paper cup. Attach the flower on the straw with a scotch-tape, make a small hole in the paper cup and place the straw. Color the bee, the butterfly and the leave and attach them according to your imagination. Depending on where you stick them use glue or scotch-tape. In the middle of the flower you can also attach a card made in a shape of a circle and write some warm wishes for the Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mamas out there!

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