Naw-ruz: Fund Box Craft


It is  nearly that time of the year when Baha’is all over the world break Fast for the last time and start celebrating Naw-ruz – Baha’i New Year. Of course, not only Baha’is consider this time as the beginning of the new year – this tradition comes from the times of Zoroaster and has been adopted by the Baha’is

Every year we try to do something special. This year I decided to take some time and explain to our children the meaning of the Baha’i Fund.

I created a single craft for the Baha’i Fund Box which we will be using now every 19 days in order to collect the money which we can later on pass onto the Baha’i institutions and they will see fit on how this money will be used.

This craft can be adjusted just to make a regular piggy bank for children to learn to save money.

An old plastic container that is not fit to be used anymore.
Or, a disposable plastic container which can’t be used anymore
Few paper Nine-pointed starts
Construction paper
And/or cereal box
Double-sided tape


1. First, cut out construction paper pieces that will cover the sides and the bottom of the container. Use double – sided tape to secure.


2. Cut out the piece of paper that will cover the lid of the container. Secuser with double-sided tape and decorate with a ribbon.

3. In the middle of the lid cut out a hole that would allow to put money inside.


4. On each sides of the container stick Nine-pointed stars.


You fund box is ready!

I am wishing you a very happy Naw-ruz if you are celebrating! And just a very happy Spring to the rest of you!!

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