Our vacation in Russia

I’ve been blog-silent for a few weeks now. With all the colds and preparation to the trip to visit my family in Russia I had no time to work on my blog.

We’ve arrived to Russia, Zabaikalskiy Kray, town of Krasnokamensk on Sunday, May 26th. The next day I had my phone stolen! Luckily nothing else was stolen and I now watch my bag and my pockets like a hawk! (Isn’t it just sad that we have to be not just simply aware of our possessions but actually behave as if everyone is a potential thief?! It really stresses me!)

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my hometown. I’ll be coming back soon to post a long overdue post for the Around the World in 12 Dishes project. We traveled to Finland this month and I have a super-awesome and easy dessert for you to try out!

2013-05-29-029 2013-05-29-030 2013-05-29-039 2013-05-29-041 2013-05-29-043

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5 thoughts on “Our vacation in Russia

  1. Whoa, I am really sorry about the phone Varya. That’s terrible way to travel – always assuming that everyone is a potential thief. YIKES. I’m really glad nothing else was stolen though.

    Wow, you are giving your children an amazing experience! Russia, Finland…Awesome!

    I can’t wait to see your around the world post!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your posts! I am a third grade teacher from Florence, Alabama. I am interested in creating learning activities that focus on the Russian culture and the Winter 2014 Olympics. I also want to travel to Russia.

    What tips do you have for me as tourist?

    Andrea Elledge

    • Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment and interest!
      Most of the tips would be on safety. It isn’t too hard travelling in Russia however you will have language barrier. So buying your tickets ahead of time is the best as well as perhaps learning few phrases like “I need help” or “I’m sick” just in case of emergency. If you are travelling by train, try taking the lower berth and under no condition accept drinks from strangers, especially alcoholic!
      If you really need someone who can speak at least some English, in the city/town aim for schools and colleges/universities that teach English – a teacher or a student will always be there who could speak some English. You may want to do your homework on these establishments before hand. Russians like meeting foreigners, so there will be some curious kids following you around.
      You will find the food quite familiar to your tastes, though we do have lots of soups and salads which are full meals on their own!
      You asked about the most fascinating landmark. I would not be able to pinpoint one for you. If you like museums and history, you might want to stay around Western part of Russia and visit so-called Golden Ring (a number of cities whose history dates back to pre-Christianity: Tula, Novgorod etc). St. Petersburg is a great place to visit.
      If you are a fan of beautiful landscapes, then Siberia it is, and most of all – Baikal region. There is a vast variety of Taiga forest and regular forest. Beautiful lakes and rivers, and, of course, the Bailak Lake. I was born in that region (Buryat region) and I often miss the landscape.
      If you have more questions, you are welcome to e-mail me to xiao (dot) artists (at) gmail (dot) com

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