Paper bag with cupcake liner flower

We loved making the paper bag with cupcake liner flowers! It is simple and it is a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Note: estimate all measurements according to how big you want your bag and your flowers.

You will need:

1. A rectangular piece of construction paper as big as you want your bag to be. Other thick paper would also do. Best to use colorful paper.

2. Two cupcake liners

3. Six circles, 4 pink and 2 white

4. Six petal shaped green pieces of paper

4. Gift wrapping ribbon

5. Glue

6. Double-sided tape

How to do it:

1. First, fold your construction paper into half. Put the double-sided tape o each side, stick the ends of the ribbon at the top and then glue the sides together.

2. In the middle of the paper bag, at the top, stick the first cupcake liner, bu applying the glue in the middle of it and leaving the ends free. Then stick the 2nd liner on top of the first. Prop the ends up and shape them a little as you wish.

3. Fold circles into half. First, apply glue on one half of the pink circle and stick to the bag, leave the other half free. Do the same with the second pink circle and stick it very close to the first one. Now apply glue to the white circle, both sides, and stick it to the pink circles, to the halves that you left without gluing together. Repeat it for the other circles. Place circles at the opposite sides of the bag. Here you can let your imagination run free: choose your own color combinations and where you’d like to position the flowers!

4. Apply glue to the leaf-shaped pieces of paper and stick them under each flower – you get your “stem”.

5. Your bag is ready!

See the picture on how the bag should look like!

Enjoy the fun of making this bag and thank you for reading my blog!

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