Play Dough and Paper Plate Wreath


Christmas is such a beautiful time for children. Whether it fits their cultural believes or not, the magic of the holiday finds its way into the children’s hearts and gets them excited about the festivities.

This year Kid Blogger Network bloggers gather yet again to give you 10 days of a Kid-Made Christmas: Ornaments Inspired by Books, hosted by Mama Miss. Check out my post on Christmas Lantern from last year before I go onto introducing a new craft!

In my ESL classes I try incorporating many things: phonics, elements of reading, writing, craft and more. It has now become a tradition that we read a book or a part of a book at the end of our class.

We were going through a book called Christmas is the New House.


When children saw the picture of Wreath being hung, they became curious.


And as I tried explaining what it is, the idea of a simple wreath craft came to my mind: Play dough and Paper Plate Wreath.

Materials needed:

One paper plate
Play dough of favorite color (even though the wreath is isually green, I let children use their imagination)
Assorted beans
Clear contact paper (optional – to preserve the craft)

How to make it:

1. Cut out the middle of the paper plate, leaving just the rim of the plate. Keep it for some other craft! (I love upcycling!)

2. Have the children take pieces of play dough and spread them over the rim, pressing firmly so it doesn’t easily fall off.


3. Using beans, decorate the wreath.


4. If you want the wreath to last – use contact paper to stick over the craft and secure on the side that has no play dough to preserve. You can decorate it with a bow as well. In my experience preserved this way play dough keeps fresh for at least 3-4 months and then still stays while drying up for another few months.

VoilĂ , you have these pretty wreaths!


As an option, and to make a bigger size wreath, you can cut it out of the cardboard and also add more things, like, leaves and twigs besides beans to decorated over the play dough.


Join us for the remaining days of 10 days of a Kid-Made Christmas! And check out already posted ornaments!
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Merry Christmas!


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