Playdough fun!

I have been pondering to try playdough with my toddler for a while but I was delaying as I was hoping to find a safe version (aka non-toxic). Recently, a wonderful friend dedicated us a post on her blog on How to make homemade playdough . We are lacking a couple of ingredients in order to make it but we have recently tried the playdough that was given miss T as a birthday present.

Few things I was reassured in again:

1. Always make sure the child and you wear clothes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty.

2. Cover the surface with a piece of plastic (if possible) – regular playdough stains and is not always easy to get off the surface even if it dried.

3. Start with one piece at a time – it eases your cleaning job.

4. Don’t leave kids under 4 unattended with playdough – even the non-toxic playdough consumed in big amounts (and in 99% of the time it WILL be consumed!) can cause some tummy problems.

Playdough is an amazing way for children to develop their motor skills (both gross and fine). It is a good way to help children with concentration and focus. It helps to have some extra tools like cookie forms to cut out shapes; may be a little plastic knife from your child’s kitchen set or from food delivery.

Enjoy the play time and thank you for reading my blog!

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One thought on “Playdough fun!

  1. Hi dear Varya! I’m glad Tessa is playing with playdough. I’m sorry you can’t find the tartar powder! I shall have to give you some the next time I see you. Lovely to see these photos of Tessa!

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