Cooking Series: Potato and cheese pancakes

We love love love cooking together with my daughter! She is more and more interested in helping me out in the kitchen and I am so happy about it. She concentrates far longer on cooking together than any other activity. I feel she is more confident when it comes to mixing and pouring stuff. Sometimes she doesn’t ask but goes ahead (alas! not always it is the right choice) and her argument is the following: “I can do it, mommy, I am a BIG GIRL!” What can you say to that argument?

Anyway, today we discovered an interesting recipe and it was the first time she actually tried herself at grinding stuff. It was quite a good experience with an exception of a tiny scratch when the “BIG GIRL” diverted her attention from the grinder while still grinding. So, first advice: keep your attention and your child’s attention focused! If you feel that either of you needs to divert it – stop doing what you are doing.

Here’s the recipe for the potato and cheese pancakes. They are delicious and easy to make.

You will need: 2 large potatoes, about half a cup of cheese, 2 eggs, 3-4 tablespoons of milk, 1-3 tablespoons of flour,salt, some pepper to taste.


In a bowl beat together eggs and milk. Shred cheese and potatoes on small shredder into another bowl – make sure you drain the potatoes from most of the liquid it expresses! So it is wiser to shred the potatoes first and then shred the cheese. Mix well with egg and milk. Add flour, salt and pepper. Mix well. In the frying pan heat up some oil and spoon some amount of the mix into the frying pan. Don’t make them too thick otherwise they will not cook well. Fry until brownish, flip over and fry on the other side.

They taste good hot or cold. I love them with sour cream. My daughter ate hers with… strawberry jam!

Happy pancake making and thank you for reading my blog!

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