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I am happy to participate in this wonderful project – Top 10 Holiday Lists –  initiated by Little Bins for Little Hands and joined by few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network !

Do you like Pretend Play? We LOVE Pretend Play at our house. We allow our children to use real life items for their pretend play, but also toy items. Today I will highlight a few of those in this post! This post contains affiliated links, so if you choose to purchase the item(s), I will get a small compensation.

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1. Handkerchief. The most natural and fun item for both boys and girls to play with. Check out my post on Six Ways to  Play with a Handkerchief!


2. This is not exactly a toy, but there are tons of phone apps that allow you and your child to decorate the pictures and can be VERY handy on long trips or in long lines!


3. Coloring pages. They are a great pretend play tools for your child helping develop language skills – color and make up a story as you are coloring!

My pics 384

4. Toy keyboards never lasted long in our house and real keyboards were always a hit! Buying a small simple keyboard for your child is a sure way to help develop music skills, if not – just to have fun with beats and sounds!


5. Using own hands to gesture while chanting or singing nursery rhymes. There is no better tool than your own body! Check out my post for MKB on Translating Nursery Rhymes.


6. Dressing up – another simple way to pretend play. And you probably have everything at home!

2013-10-31 20.37.02

7. I am yet to write about this costume, but Pirate Play is an excellent way to pretend play! We made our own sword, turban and even decorated it!


8. Hats., hats, hats. ALL babies I know love playing with them!


9. From pretend play with playdough – to real dough and dumplings!


10. Double-sided Easel. This was and is such a fun toy and tool! You can purchase it here –

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