Quick Valentine’s Day Card

If you are running out of time and you don’t have a card for Valentine’s Day, here’s a very quick and easy card you can make with your child!

You will need:

A piece of construction paper (your choice of color) for the card body

3 pieces of different colors of your choice for hearts



How to do it:

1. Fold the card body.

2. Cut out 3 hearts of different sizes. Glue the biggest one onto the card and then the other two on each other, applying the glue just in the middle. Curl up the ends a bit.

3. Cut up paper scraps into small pieces. Apply glue on the smallest heart and around the biggest heart and have your child sprinkle them.

4. Write the wishes inside the card and decorate with stamps.

Your card is ready! It took us about 10 minutes to put it together this morning – my daughter woke up willing to make something for daddy and we came up with this! I did all the cutting hence it was quick.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you had/have a wonderful one!

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