Recycling your child’s drawing/painting/scribbling art

My older daughter made her first scribbling when she was just over 11 months old. Since the time she picked up her first pencil and a piece of paper her love for coloring, scribbling, painting and drawing started. She hasn’t become a child artist, she just enjoys what she does and I don’t push her to perfection – she’ll get there herself.

However, in over 2 years we’ve accumulated so much paper of different sizes and shapes that at some point I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt bad as I had to get rid of most of her early drawings (though I took pictures of them) when we were moving. At the new place we have a corner where we display her work. Pretty soon it was filled up as well!

Then, once we were getting ready to go to a birthday party and I realized we had no wrapping paper. While I was searching for it, I found a whole folder of my daughter’s paintings and after thinking about it and consulting with my 3 year old, we put together a lovely wrapping for the present. We sellotaped 4 large sheets of paper, wrapped the present in it, painted some lines along the parts where the papers connected and put a  ribbon.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy this wrapping presents idea!

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2 thoughts on “Recycling your child’s drawing/painting/scribbling art

  1. Great idea! As we send gifts to family overseas we tend to send some for Christmas and birthdays at the same time. My sister had her gift on the mantle for 3 months last year just enjoying the artistry of the gift wrap! Good idea on how to cover up the joins between the paper, too! Thank you for sharing!

    • Welcome! I always feel so sad when I have to throw some drawings away. But there really isn’t place to keep all of them! So we try and recycle/upcycle them as much as we can.

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