Riz Bi Haleeb: Lebanese Rice Pudding

It is a great opportunity to publish the last post of 2017 on a happy note! You know I like making things for children and with children, and I have published over the years some nice recipes.

I was going over my posts and drafts and realized I had one that never got published due to some strange glitches. It was supposed to be a part of Christmas in Different Lands 2016  – the annual series hosted by Multicultural Kid Blogs. So since it never made it, you can learn now how to make Riz Bi Haleeb – Lebanese Rice Pudding, – and have a nice dessert for your New Year’s Eve party/dinner! And check out at the end all the posts that were shared in the series this year!

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2018! May your families be blessed and safe!


Christmas is a huge holiday in Lebanon, where the Christian population is big enough, and  the country is heavily influence by Europe.

One of the traditional Christmas desserts served in Lebanon is Meghali – rice flour, cardamom and anis pudding. I hope to try making it one day. But for today I would like to share with you a different dessert, an even simpler version of which my mother-in-law used to make during the period the Baha’i Fasting month. It is called Riz Bi Haleeb (Rice in Milk. Or Milk Rice).


1 cup of cooked rice

2 cups of milk

2-3 T of sugar

1 tsp of vanilla essence

Nuts for decoration (optional)


Mix 1,5 cups of milk in a pot with sugar. Add rice. Put on low fire and keep stirring.  When the milk is almost evaporated, add vanilla and the remaining milk. Cook for some time until the rice is completely soft and mushy.

Place the pudding in small bowls and decorate with nuts. Serve warm.

This pudding makes a very quick dessert for any occasion and would be a great addition to your Christmas table, too!

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