Creative Tuesday: Six Ways to Use a Handkerchief

Today’s Creative Tuesday is about Handkerchiefs!


When you are out and you are running out of the ways to entertain your toddler, something as simple as a handkerchief can be a lot of fun to play with. 

My husband and Miss T (when she was around 3 years old) came up with these 6 ways to use a handkerchief  and until now a big handkerchief. Here it goes:

1. Peek-a-boo: Play peek-a-boo with your handkerchief.

2. Pretend play: Pretend to be a waitress at a restaurant.

3. Apron or skirt: Tie your handkerchief around your waist.

4. Bib: Make a bib out of it.

5. Super Hero’s Cape: Pretend to be a Super Hero.

6. Cover for the seat: Use it to cover your seat.

Here are few more ideas of how to use the handkerchief:

– Veil: Place it on your face to turn into Princess Jasmine.

– Bridal veil: Place it on your head to turn into a bride.

– Turban or Bandana: Tie it on your head.


If you try playing with the handkerchief, let me know! I’m always on lookout for new ideas!

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6 thoughts on “Creative Tuesday: Six Ways to Use a Handkerchief

  1. Great ideas for a simple item, love it! We have done almost all of these at one time or another, but you never realise how many things they add up to!
    We have used a handkerchief tied up to the end of a stick or small pole to make a ‘hobo’ packet. We’ve also used it as a ‘furoshiki’, the Japanese way to wrap it around your lunch box for transport, then you have a place mat to use when you unwrap your lunch.

  2. Cool! This isn’t something that I have even thought of. I love the imaginary play!

    Thanks for sharing!

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