Special Guest Thursday: Enjoying Summer With Whole Family {Lanugo: Latino De Corazon}

We continue with Special Guest Thursdays and today Lanugo, the first-ever, Latino de Corazón™ lifestyle and entertainment brand for kids focused on values and heritage is visiting my blog!
They graciously shared already existing article on Ideas to Enjoy This Summer with the Whole Family – a very timely topic since the summer is here and many families are preparing to spend a vacation out of town or in town! 
My family as you know will be spending time bonding with the new baby and we have 2 short trips planned out of town: my mother will be here and my husband and daughters will take her to Macau (I won’t be able to go, unfortunately!); and we will be traveling to Guangzhou to apply for new baby’s passport. 

Disclaimer: this article is copied and republished with the permission of Lanugo: Latino de Corazón™

Lanugo is a, socially responsible, children’s entertainment startup company with the purpose of helping mamás proudly embrace and pass on the richness of the Latino culture to their children through our fictional Latino-inspired world, with well-developed story lines and characters. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Instagram and YouTube
A very wise lady once said that, “all of God’s children need traveling shoes,” and we couldn’t agree more with this point of view. This excellent and selfless mamá pata, who understood that we all needed to go our way in order to learn more about ourselves, got to the point of moving to Ghana for several years so that her and her son, both African-Americans, could re-connect with their African heritage and enrich their identity. This woman was: Maya Angelou, and her example is worth following.
Summer vacations are here, and if you have the opportunity of traveling with your Lanuguitos to countries that would enrich their culture, go ahead and do so. People, including children, tend to easily forget what they’re told and even what others do to them, but they will never forget the emotions that they felt. Let’s invite them to enjoy the richness and peculiarities of the Latin culture. Let’s invite them to celebrate and to breathe the air you breathed when you were kids, to walk down the streets in which you laughed so much, to spend time with neighborhood kids, to talk to the owner of the “mercadito” down the street… bottom line, to re-connect with their heritage.
Why? It has been scientifically proven that children that know, value and are proud of their heritage have a higher self-esteem and overall performance in school. They even have lower risk of depression and of joining gangs. And, of course, it will give you the opportunity of strengthening in them the Spanish language in an intensive yet fun way.
If, for any reason, you are not able to travel to that special place that we all have in our hearts, there is still the opportunity of transmitting our Latin pride to our Lanuguitos. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and go on an imaginary trip, organize a Latin party, and take a creative approach to help your kids define their identity a little more. If you are in need of ideas, we invite you to visit our blog post with “10 tips for instilling cultural pride and interest in our children” to keep our culture alive.
Knowing how important it is for our children’s identity to explore and investigate about their heritage, this summer our Lanuguitos put on their traveling shoes, and are going on vacation with us to Latin America to discover and enjoy the wonderful treasures that one can find there. Don’t be surprised if we have too much fun and we forget to send you pictures. We will be living the moment!
Remember: “No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place” – Maya Angelou. Rest in peace Maya. Today we are thankful for your legacy and we dedicate our “humble” words, but always full of heart.
Thank you, Lanugo, for sharing! How about everyone else: how do you plan to spend your summer vacation? 
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