Toilet roll and tissue paper candy

Yes, you read it right – it is indeed a candy made out of toilet paper roll and tissue paper (kitchen tissue towel in this case)! The trick is that you can fill it with actual candy (I used M&Ms) and it would make a wonderful gift!

What you will need:

Toilet paper roll

Kitchen tissue towels (Crepe paper would do)

2 pieces of string or ribbon



How to do it:

1. Fold the edges of the toilet paper roll as in the picture.

2. Apply glue all over.

3. Wrap the roll into the paper, securing the edge at the end.

4. Gather and tie the ends of the paper.

5. Using markers, draw or put dots.

My daughter and the tots in my class had fun with these! They took their candies home to discover the M&Ms inside!

Got any gift wrapping ideas? Share with me – I’d love to know!

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