Upcycling creativity

I’ve been seeing the term UPCYCLING more and more often on numerous blogs and websites. Upcycling to me means finding use to things that have no other use but to be trashed. Some of those things are recyclable (plastic bottles, some carton etc). Unfortunately some of them will find no better use but to be dumped somewhere or burned. 

Upcycling doesn’t only help the environment – it teaches children to think twice before throwing something away. Since our daughter got old enough I started collecting just about anything: empty cartons, empty boxes, plastic bottles, plastic caps, diaper boxes, toilet tissue rolls, buttons, old sheets, old sweaters and more! Craft supplies bought in stores aren’t so cheap even in China. And I would know – I conducted a 3 months course called Mummy & Baby Art! 

Upcycling also encourages creativity as from already made product you have to make something else using your imagination! The room for creativity is huge and when I search activities online I am amazed at how people’s imagination works. If everyone was as imaginative and creative, perhaps we would have much less pollution in the world!

Here is some upcycled craft we made:

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2 thoughts on “Upcycling creativity

  1. Thanks for such a great post! I save everything and anything that I can because I don’t want to trash it. 🙂 Now I have to see how am I going to upcycle what I have.

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