V is for Virtues


Today I will be sharing about one of my favorite subjects – Virtues. This is something each and everyone has. And somethings each and every one of us should strive to improve.

There are so many virtues, and it is hard to choose which one to concentrate on. So I have created a super simple printable that allows you to play a draw game with your kids, and draw a virtue of the month. In fact, there are 19 virtues, in case you follow Badi calendar, which has 19 months!

What is a virtue of the month? It is a virtue you all agree to practice together. And to gently remind each other if someone doesn’t speak the language of virtues, or forgetting about this virtue.

What is the language of virtues? I first read about it in the book called Virtues Guide by Linda Kavelin Popov (with Dan Popov, Ph.D, and John Kavelin). In this book the concept of the language of virtues is explained as when we replace the words of blaming and shaming with words such as courage, helpfulness, and flexibility, which empower positive shift in child’s and adult’s behaviour.  The whole concept is based on a principles of peace and consultation, where through using virtues, we tap to the very soul of a child, and adult alike. It can be quite a process, but once started and with persistence, one can really reshape the world around!

So, back to printable! I chose 19 virtues, they are: Patience, Kindness, Love, Helpfulness, Appreciation, Excellence, Truthfulness, Forgiveness, Obedience, Gentleness, Cleanliness, Self-Discipline, Generosity, Courtesy, Joyfulness, Peacefulness, Compassion,Unity and Creativity.

What do you do? You print out the list either on stiff paper, or laminate it after printing out. Cut the  virtues out, and using a box, or a hat, let a child take a turn to draw the virtue. Talk about it. Explain to children clearly what this virtue represents, and the ways of practicing it. Decided right there and then how you will remind each other about this virtue. For example, you can emphasize that the action or the word wasn’t kind. Ask your children to use a better word, or expression.

What to do when the child is upset and doesn’t cooperate? Give him time to calm down. Reassure him, ask him to use the words, tell him it is ok to be upset, but it is time to calm down, and then you can talk.

During these months that you set on exploring the language of virtues, come back to my blog and check out my Virtues Series – you can find some ideas and activities here, too!

Of course, it is not possible to avoid all other virtues not listed here! So give yourselves a head start – and you will see how easy it will become with time!
31 Days of ABC - October 2016 | Alldonemonkey.com

After taking a break last year due to the arrival of Baby #3, we are back with one of my favorite series, the 31 Days of ABC! You can look forward to 31 more days of activities, crafts, books, apps, and more, all dedicated to teaching young children the alphabet.

I am so happy to be working with an amazing group of kid bloggers, who will be sharing their amazing ideas with us in the coming days. And this year for the first year we are also adding a giveaway, so be sure to scroll to the end and enter for a chance to win!

So join us as we jump, skip, hop, and read our way through the alphabet this October!

Don’t forget to follow our 31 Days of ABCs Pinterest board for even more great ABC ideas!

31 Days of ABC

Teaching the ABCs – October 1

All Done Monkey: Creating a Preschool Letter of the Week Curriculum

A – October 2

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Apple Scented Glitter Glue and Apple Craft

B – October 3

Witty Hoots: How to Make Fabulous Button Bookmarks

C – October 4

Preschool Powol Packets: Construction Truck Preschool Action Rhyme

D – October 5

ArtsyCraftsyMom: Printable Dinosaur Alphabet Sequencing Puzzle

E – October 6

Preschool Powol Packets: Elephant Art Project and Thailand Lesson

F – October 7

Spanglish Monkey: Spanish-English ABC Flashcards

G – October 8

Royal Baloo: Simple Ghost Painting Project

H – October 9

Peakle Pie: Hide and Seek

I – October 10

Look! We’re Learning!: Insect Activities for Kids

J – October 11

All Done Monkey: Olmec Jaguar Craft

K – October 12

Preschool Powol Packets: I Am a Kite Action Rhyme for Preschool

L – October 13

Raising a Trilingual Child: Letter Learning with a Multilingual Twist

M – October 14

Creative World of Varya – M is for Motor Skills

N – October 15

Peakle Pie: Narwhal Fingerprint Pictures

O – October 16

For the Love of Spanish: O es de Oso

P – October 17

Little Hiccups: P is for Places, A Travel ABC Book

Q – October 18

All Done Monkey: Bilingual Letter Craft – Q is for ¿Qué? Q is for Question

R – October 19

Sugar, Spice & Glitter

S – October 20

Crafty Mama in ME: Patterned Paper Plate Snake

T – October 21

Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: Puerto Rican Flamboyant Tree

U – October 22

Witty Hoots: How to Make Awesome Unicorn Headbands

V – October 23

Creative World of Varya – V is for Virtues

W – October 24

Scribble Doodle and Draw: Winter Letter Craft

X – October 25

All Done Monkey: Coding for Kids – X Marks the Spot

Y – October 26

Our Daily Craft: Yarn Craft Basket and Books for Kids

Z – October 27

Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes: Learning Spanish at the Zoo

123’s – October 28

Hispanic Mama: Fun Activities and Resources to Teach Numbers in Spanish

Prewriting – October 29

Sugar Aunts: Pre-Writing Lines Fine Motor Activity

Books, Songs, & Apps – October 30

The Jenny Evolution: ABC Alphabet Books

Alphabet Clip Cards – October 31

The Kindergarten Connection: Alphabet Clip Cards

Find more great resources in 31 Days of ABCs 2013 and 2014!



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