Winnie the Pooh Characters Puppets and Play


It is A.A. Milne’s birthday on January 18th and some of the bloggers of Kid Blogger network are celebrating thisThank author and his absolutely amazing classic – Winnie the Pooh – by a themed blog hop!

I grew up with Winnie the Pooh and we even have an adapted cartoon version of Winnie and his friends as you can view below.

My children, however, have a vague idea about Winnie the Pooh stories, though they have watched the more modern version of the cartoons and the Disney edition of Winnie the Pooh series.

To introduce them a bit more to the characters of my childhood book, I decided to make very simple, very fun puppets and read aloud stories using them, turning whole experience into play.


You will need:

Printouts or drawings of Winnie the Pooh Characters
Toilet paper rolls
Colors (optional)


1. Cut out the characters.

2. Paste them with glue to the toilet paper rolls. My toddler helped me with those!


3. Read one of the Pooh stories and use the puppets to role play. Girls really enjoyed playing with the puppets!

You can also cut out Eeyore’s tail which he always loses. And carrots for Rabbit, honey pot for Pooh. You can make these adorable paper roll trees to tell a story about Piglet being lost in the forest or Pooh traveling.

Enjoy your play time with Winnie the Pooh characters!


This blog hop is hosted by one of my favorite blogs –  Pickle Pie. Join us in this celebration by linking up your Winnie the Pooh themed posts below!

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