10 Favorite Outdoor Ball Games


Spring this year hasn’t been quite outdoor friendly in many places around the world. Here we had to get creative with the activities and outdoor games.

Playing with the ball is probably one of the easiest activities and there are just so many ways to play with it. It is fun. It is suitable and safe for any age group (well, except those teeny tiny balls!).

So I am happy to introduce you my 10 Favorite Outdoor Ball Games, some of which I play with my children, and some of which we played with my students in the past.

1. Football. Alright, I should probably call it “ball kicking”  instead, especially when it comes to playing it with toddlers. But once the kids learn to run forward and backwards with the ball, and run with it in circles, you can introduce them to the simple rules of football.

2. Volleyball. That’s another one I could call “throw and  bounce” as this is what pretty much volleyball is. I remember we used to play something in Russia called “pioneer ball” which was an easy variation of the volleyball and could be played in a circle, as opposed to bouncing the ball over the net.

3. Ping-pong or table tennis. It is such a fun game and it could be done with or without a table.

4. Tennis. Or a variation of it where you can just draw a line on the ground.

5. Grass hockey variation. You don’t need horses for that. All you need is a few sticks and a ball!

6. Lapta or its variations. This is a game we play in Russia. It is similar to cricket and baseball. While it is a team game, it can still be played just with 2-3 people.

7. Water ball games. Throwing and catching the balls in the swimming pool, racing for it in water – this could be so much fun! And if you manage to put a net – you can play water volleyball!

8. Ball treasure hunt. Just like the egg hunt but for colorful plastic balls!

9. Mini-golf. It is very easy to set up in your backyard or on a grassy area. You can simplify it to just hitting the markers, not the holes.

10. “Get the ball“. This is THE most fun game for toddlers. All you have to do is throw the ball and ask them to get it. Couldn’t be simpler but tons of giggles, and it helps with language development, too!

What are you favorite outdoor ball games?



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