3D Valentine’s Day Card

I grew up without knowing what Valentine’s Day was. It is much later, at the University, during my English literature lessons that I learned about this holiday. In fact, I think Valentine’s Day has become more international in the past 20 years or so and is now widely celebrated all over the world.

For the Valentine’s Day my husband (who also grew up without celebrating it) usually gets me a flower and some chocolate and we go on our usual¬†Date with children¬†some place nice for dessert or a meal.

This time I would like to introduce a lovely activity I came up with – 3D Valentine’s Heart Card. It is a very easy activity and I am sure you can find all the materials at home!

You will need:

A toilet paper roll


Double-sided tape

Construction paper or cereal box

Crepe or tissue paper of different color


How to do it:

1. Make a card body out of construction paper or the cereal box.

2. Cut few circles from the toilet paper roll (I cut 3 but depending on the card size you can make more).

3. Shape the circles into hearts. Color them with crayons.

4. On the card stick some double-sided tape and stick the hearts over, applying strong pressure so they stick well. You might want to put few strips for each heart in order to make sure the edges stick better.

5. Tear or cut crepe/tissue paper into small pieces and fill the inside and the outside of the hearts over the double-sided tape.

6. Your card is ready!

I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day if you celebrate! And if not – this card is a wonderful personalized present for any other occasion, like Mother’s Day or a Birthday.

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