Another Chinese New Year Snake Craft

I have come across a very creative Chinese New Year Snake Craft over at Red Ted Art‘s blog. It looked like a VERY fun idea and I tried it in my Mom & Tot class. Needless to say, this activity was a success!

I modified it a bit to accommodate my 2 year olds, so there was no painting or sticky tape. We used glue and crepe paper. One of the 2 year olds just dumped all the crepe paper on top and then continued rolling the snake in it and it came out really special! 

The other one took a step-by-step approach and glued each piece separately.

Note: I didn’t allow cutting of the toilet paper roll. I prepared the body of the snake in advance. You can also use regular sheet of paper or upcycled paper by rolling it into a tube, glueing the ends together and cutting it the same way as you would with the toilet paper. If you cut up pages from old magazines and glue them either on sticky double-sided tape or glue, it will make a perfect 100% upcycled activity!

I hope you enjoy this simple and fun craft in the spirit of the Chinese New Year!

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