Apple Song for ESL Students


I have three beautiful children who are aged 7, 3 and 1 years old. The oldest one just started primary school. The middle one just started kindergarten, and the youngest one is at home with me.
Having a child of preschool age is a lot of challenges and fun, too. I used to homeschool my oldest before she went off to kindergarten, I half-school her now. And I make time to offer additional resources and activities to my middle one, stressing the point of importance of home education, whether it is full time, or as some extracurricular activities.
This month a group of Kid Blogger Network bloggers is starting up new series: KBN Kindergarten Blog Hop. Every month we will introduce a theme and tie it up to various subjects (math, phonics, music, history, geography etc).
This month we talk about Apples and I took Music as subject.
In my ESL classes I teach a lot of songs since I believe music and singing help develop speech, vocabulary and creative thinking.
One of the songs that it often taught when it comes to apples is called  “Apple red, Apple sweet”. Here is a video I found on YouTube for this song:

Here are the instructions on how to introduce the song, incorporate into the lauguage learning and make it a fun music experience!

1. Play the video.
2. Show children an actual apple or a picture of apple. Say the word several times. Now sing the word: Aaaaappple!!! (With a tune of the Bell sound “Ding-dong”). Have the children repeat after you.
3. Using gestures and face expressions,  accompany the first part of the song (show the gesture for round, for juicy, mimic sweet, and make a heart with hands for “I love you” and pat your tummy for “I want to eat”). And then have children complete the song with you the same way.
4. Now offer children shakers. Play the first part of the song and shake along with the rythm. Have the children follow you with their shakers.
5. Repeat the song with shakers one more time.
6. And for the last time, let the children get up and dance and sing along!A

Here’s a video showing parts of the instructions above!

Please join us over to see what other bloggers offer for this month’s hop!


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