Doll Clothes from Old T-shirts

Today I would like to share with you simple examples of how we make Doll Clothes from T-shirts.

My daughter got into sewing some time ago. She does it by hand. And sometimes she just uses safety pins to keep her creations together. I often give her old T-shirts and dresses to use. I encourage her hobbies. And why wouldn’t I when she goes for a sewing kit pretty much every other time when she gets an allowance money to spend?

She makes clothes for her dolls and for her sister. And she dreams to be a clothes designer some day!

She is the one who gave me the idea for this post and I below you will find 3 mini photo tutorials.

Materials Needed:

T-shirts pieces rectangular or square shaped

Safety pins

Dolls or ponies

Doll dress:

Wrap a rectangular piece of t-shirt around your doll. Throw one end over the shoulder. Secure with a safety pin. You have a lovely summer / beach dress for your doll!

Pony Hoodie:

Cut two holes in a square piece of t-shirt, leave enough material in between. Put your pony’s front legs through the holes and throw the middle over its head – you have a pony with a hoodie!

Pony dress:

Throw a square piece of T-shirt over pony’s back. Meet the ends in front, under its head. Secure with safety pins. Your pony has a fancy dress now!

Do you have a child who likes to make clothes for her dolls? Share your ideas with us!

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