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Miss T is a real book worm. At 7 her level of reading and comprehension is pretty high. So I always try to offer her some challenging books that would increase her general reading level as well as teach her some new and interesting things.

So, this year for Multicultural Book Day I have requested to be paired up with an author who has books for older kids. That’s how I was introduced to Lee & Low Books, Inc. who are incidentally has already been connected with Multicultural Kid Blogs Community that I belong to.

I was send 3 books for review and below are my honest opinions as a mother and a reader.


Amazing Places   by Lee Bennett Hopkins.

This was my most favorite book as it is a collection of beautiful illustrations and poems that represent some of the greatest places and items of American heritage. Traveling through Chinatown in one moment and crossing over the Grand Canyon in another; learning about Liberty Bell on one page and jumping into the Niagara Falls on another.

The selection of poems is so in tune with every place illustrated in the book that for a child’s imagination it is as if you were there visiting.

I would recommend this book for children from 7 years up with more advanced reading skills. However, I am sure a younger child, say, 5-6 years old, would also enjoy looking at the pictures and listening to the poems.


The Monster in the Mudball   by S. P. Gates.

This is a fantasy/mystery about a boy Jin who accidentally releases a monster his neighbour was keeping for many years away from the world. It is not a very heavy reading, however I was hesitant to give it to my 7 year old to read as there are some scary moments.

And even the concept that the monster likes to eat babies would alone be a cause for some unpleasant dreams. But when she is older, she will definitely enjoy this story as it is filled with some riddles and exciting moments of anticipation.

I would recommend this book for children over 12 years old.


Drift   by M. K. Hutchins.

Now, this is a book I enjoyed reading myself. It is based on lots of Native American, Mayan per se, traditions and tells a story of Tenjat and his sister Eflet who live on a Turtle island and fight for survival every day, going through daolut struggles facing bullies, and discovering a secret about their own heritage amazing and dangerous enough to destroy their lives and everyone’s on their island.

This is a very interesting fantasy book. It brings about the culture that has been almost forgotten, reviving certain concepts and ideas, and giving us a glimpse what live might have looked like during Mayan period.

I would recommend this book children over 15 years old.

I am grateful to Lee & Low for letting me get familiar with some of the books they have published. I hope in the future we get to read more books from them.


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4 thoughts on “MCCBD Books Review: Lee & Low Books

  1. These look like fabulous books! The first one would be perfect for my ESL students because it includes culture, US landscape, etc. The other 2 are right up the alley of my 11 year old son- he loves those types of action/adventure books:).

  2. What an interesting range of diverse books you reviewed! I’m glad that Miss T is such a great reader and enjoyed the poetry book! Thanks so much for joining us for Multicultural Children’s Book Day and for your great post!

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