Ridvan Coloring Pages for Kids

Happy Ridvan

It is that time of the year again where Baha’is around the world are getting ready for a very important festival – Ridvan. It lasts 12 days and three of those days are especially commemorated.

Once again we pair up with Leanna of All Done Monkey to bring you something exciting for these Holy Days!

Today I am trying my hand at hand-drawn Ridvan printable coloring pages for children. And Leanna – at adult colouring pages.

I have included in the document below 3 printable pages which include a very very simple image and a quote for each image.

Don’t judge me too harsh! I hope you like the idea of how I see these quotes manifested. Plus, the drawings are so easy, that your child can try his/her hand at replicating the drawings as well!

I have also chosen a font that allows children to color the letters in the quotes, if they like.

Let me know what you think. Meanwhile, I’ll be working more on my drawing skills together with my children!

To get to the pages, click on the image below!

RidvanColoringPages for Kids

Happy Ridvan to everyone who celebrates!

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