Zippy Paint (or Zip Lock Bag Paint Art)

As my daughter grows I find more and more interesting ideas to offer her through own creativity, modification of existing or simply searching for some new activities online.

I recently came across a zippy sponge art project on Toddler Toddler blog which I turned into something else. I call it Zippy Paint. It is a great sensory activity which can be used for learning the alphabet, numbers and general scribbling/drawing(*).

You will need:

– Ziplock bag  of desired size

– Paint (any would do, except water paint). I used some low quality finger paint I bough online. Crayola paint would work fine. But otherwise any type you have at home!

Simply slowly add few tablespoons of paint into the flattened ziplock bag. Make sure to rid of as much of air as possible and close the ziplock bag tight. Gently spread the paint inside the bag with your palms. It’s ready!

Your child can simply use his finger to trace on the bag and then use the palm to erase everything!

Enjoy and thank you for reading my blog!!!

(*) Note: Later I found that I am not the only clever mom who made these!
Here are some examples:
Kayla Aimee 
Mom’s Crafty Space
Mama Smiles

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