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Growing up in Russia, I caught the whole Bollywood and Indian infatuation times. And I had my share of being crazy about movies, songs, languages, actors, clothes and food of India.

I knew India had two big holidays – Diwali and Holi. And it was my childhood’s dream to take part in these two holidays. I have been to Indian 3 times since, but unfortunately, so far I haven’t been able to make it for either one.

Today I am sharing Diwali Inspired Ideas for Kids that you can use when celebrating the Festival with your children, or organizing an India Themed party.

Diwali is a New Year in India, according to the Lunar calendar, it moves dates every year. It is a gorgeous, colorful event, filled with lots of festivities, food, and presents.

Let’s start with decorations:

Traditionally, the houses are cleaned and decorated with lanterns, lamps, lamp designs, flowers, and Rangolis.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

What can you do at your home with minimal resources:

  1. Decorate your walls with cut outs of OM sings
  2. Collect flower pettles and keep them around the house in small patters
  3. Decorate tea light holders with glitter.
  4. Fill up bowls with water, add petals to them and place tea lights into the bowls
  5. Make Rangoli crafts, or actual Rangoli with chalk, rice, lentils,and other items you can find handy (you can see some ideas below).

Here are some wonderful crafts you can do with your kids for Diwali:

Rangoli with Dyed Rice from Jennifer’s Little World

Diwali Lantern from InCultureParent

Paper Cup Decor from Art Platter

Lentil Rangoli and Lights from Putti’s World


Clothes and accessories:

People wear new clothes, women decorate their hair with flowers and hands – with Henna designs, some men wear turbans.

Source: India Bazaar

Source: India Bazaar

I have written a post for my friend Leanna at All Done Monkey on a quick idea for an India inspired costume.

What you can do at home with minimal resources:

  1. Play dress up with your kids after learning about Indian clothes
  2. You can make decorantions on hands and feet with washable markers or paints


Lots of food, especially sweets, is made to enjoy with family and friends. People also offer food at the temples.

A quick and easy recipe you can share with your children you can find over at Kid World Citizen – Doodh Peda.

You can also make Chapati with your kids  – the easiest bread recipe.

Here are some great links from my fellow bloggers that you are use and incorporate

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