Indian Tea Recipe {MKB Diwali For Kids 2015}


I have mentioned before in my book review that I absolutely love India. It is a beautiful country, with an amazing history, very colorful and happy. People in India know how to smile from their heart despite their current physical or emotional state.

No wonder Diwali – the Festival of Light that is celebrated between November and December – is such a beautiful and full of colors holiday.

This year MKB is once again introducing a project Diwali for Kids where bloggers share posts relevant to India, its culture, geography, cuisine and more!

In our family Indian Tea – Chai and Masala Chai (spicy or not milk tea which is made by  boiling tea leaves or tea powder with milk and spices) – is deadly loved. My father-in-law makes it nearly every day, pours it in his thermos and sips throughout the day.

Below you will find a step-by-step video recipe of how I make Masala Chai. And the ingredients and method under the video.

2 teaspoons of tea leaves or tea powder
2-3 carmadmom cloves (crushed)
Half a cinnamon stick (crushed)
1/8 (or more ) teaspoon of masala mix (optional)
A cup of milk and a cup of water
Sugar or sweetener (optional)

1. Pour milk and water into a pot. Bring it to the state when it s about to boil.
2. Mix tea, cardamom, cinnamon and Masala.
3. Pour the mix into the almost boiling milk and lower the fire.
4. Stir for about 1 minute and either turn off the fire and let it steep for 3-4 minutes, or cover and continue steeping on love fire for 2-3 minutes (for stronger tea taste).
5. Take off the stove and pour through the sift into the cup. Sweeten to taste. Serve hot.

Whatever is left after you sifted all the tea can be poured in another milk and water mix to make more tea.

I hope you enjoy making and serving this tea.


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