Backyard Barbecue Blog Hop: Mountain Climbing


Announcing the first annual Backyard Barbecue Bloghop!

First Annual Backyard Barbecue Bloghop


 We are so excited to kick off the season with a bloghop to celebrate all of the wonderful recipes, activities, and crafts that summertime brings!


When I first thought of a topic to write for this blog \hop, I wanted to introduce the way the BBQ is done in our city, Zhuhai. However, I was so devastated to find out that all the pictures from every BBQ we went here to are missing!

So instead, I am introducing to you another very popular activity around here: mountain climbing.

Zhuhai is located in a mountainous area. From one side we have the sea, from another one – multiple mountains (not very high). This kind of landscape sort of traps the humidity and heat within the city and lots of people look for various escapes during summer. Mountain climbing is one of them, though it is an all-time favorite activity throughout the year.

One of the most popular mountains around here is Banzhanshan – Ban Zhan Mountain. The mountain is considered very special since there is a tunnel through it that connects 2 districts of Zhuhai  – Ningxi and Gongbei. Without this tunnel it would really be hard to go from one district to another and would take up much time to travel!

Since the mountain is located in the city, people like climbing it, exploring long pathways leading all the way to the top and opening a gorgeous view all year long.


People often bring snacks and drinks with them and they can sit down at specially designated areas (you’d be surprised how many benches and places for that are there at different levels!), rest, chat, play games and enjoy their snacks.

Kids also love climbing the moutain as there are no cars, few bikes and they can run about free!

My daughter loves picking flowers so she thoroughly enjoys such outings as she can find fallen leaves and flowers and collect as many as she likes.

mountain kids 1

Being outside is one of the best things the summer can offer! Even though it gets pretty hot in our city, we find place and time to be out without getting too hot or too burnt!

How do you spend your summers?


Please link up below all of your family-friendly summertime ideas below. The linky will be open through July 13, so be sure to come back later in the summer to share more of your great summertime posts!

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4 thoughts on “Backyard Barbecue Blog Hop: Mountain Climbing

  1. It is very hot here today, so it is really nice to read your post and imagine climbing up in the cool mountains! And what gorgeous views! I love the idea of the kids being able to run around and not worry about cars.

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