Top 10 Building Toys From Our Childhood

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I am happy to participate in this wonderful project – Top 10 Holiday Lists –  initiated by Little Bins for Little Hands and joined by few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network !


This time I will introduce you some of the building toys from our childhood. I couldn’t locate all of them but pretty much found all the modern equivalents. Growing up in Russia during Soviet Union times we didn’t have as many toys as the children do now and we were very happy with building toys which help with creativity and language development, as well as help children practice the skills of associations and math skills. Some of the building toys below are not really from my childhood but they are the ones my own children enjoy playing with.

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1. Mega Blocks. These are great and both my girls enjoyed and still enjoy playing with them!

2. Magformers. These remind me pretty much of magnetic shapes I played with as a child. They are colorful and fun to play with!

3. Wood blocks. Wooden toys are actually the best for environment and they seem to be much safer even for younger children. I remember taking them out and playing with them indoor – never ending fun!

4. Meccano! Both my husband and I had similar sets (mine wasn’t from Meccano company but it was basically the same) and I was so happy to find the modern equivalent of it!

5. Workman Tool Kit. I always wanted one of these when I was a child but those who had them brought them either from another country (Socialist block) or got them in some huge supermarket in Moscow (a city which I never had a chance to visit till I was 19 years old).

6. My girls have a similar set called Architect. I wasn’t able to locate it online but found this one called Gears! and it seems fun enough!

7. This Duplo set is absolutely fun for girls. And boys who came to play at our house also enjoyed it! Making cakes and setting up a tea party? Why, yes!

8. Toy Castle! Great for boys and girls – slaying dragons and saving the kingdom? Why not!

9. Another excellent wooden building toy – Contraptions. Love it and hope to get for my girls!

10. And at last, if your little one is into Barbie, she will definitely appreciate this building set! (it works well with other small dolls too!)

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