Creative Tuesday: Salt coloring

I’m back with Creative Tuesday after a long break! Today I’m introducing Salt Coloring.


Our recent creativity revolved around salt and chalk. Both create wonderful sensory play and together or separately can keep children occupied for a long time.

Coloring salt with chalk is not  big science and a very well known activity. I’ve done it numerous times with both my older daughter and my students.


Recently on various blogs I’ve been seeing posts on salt art and salt painting. Those are lovely activities but not for my 2+ year olds at the playgroup I run. So I decided to make it simple for them and let them apply glue on shapes I drew and then spread colored salt over with a brush and with a finger.


They absolutely loved it. We reviewed such words as a cloud, a flower and the Sun. And colors – pink, yellow, blue and green.


Do you play with salt at home? If yes, what are your favorite activities with salt?  

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