Creative Tuesdays: Fun with Alphabet

We have missed yet another Tuesday in favour of the awesome ABCs series. Little Artists were in the category of Creativity. Stop by the landing page on This Ready Mama’s blog and visit other blogs for more ideas!

Today Creative Tuesdays post  is about having fun with the alphabet!

We always look for creative ways to introduce learning to our children. As a mother and educator I research other blogs and online collections, go over the books and simply try to create something exciting for my daughter and my students.

The following activity is not new in its core principle. I took what already existed and applied to ABCs learning.

You will need:

Upcycling material (any carton box or even plastic box)




Contact paper

Draw an alphabet letter, cut it out. Spread glue all over and stick pieces of cotton over. Take contact paper and stick on both sides of the letter, cut the extra. You get a lovely letter and with contact paper it is even waterproof!

Contact paper is marker friendly so colouring and cleaning the surface of the letters over and over is fun!

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