DIY Lebanese Tantour {MKB MENA Series 2017}

If you read my post on our genealogy, you can see that from my husband’s side our family comes from Lebanon. So this time around for MENA Series I decided to make a simple craft that would reflect this side of our heritage. 

Lebanese Traditional clothes are very beautiful. And in fact the ladies’ outfits resemble the ones of gorgeous fairytale princesses. One of the elements in particular that caught my eyes is Tantour – a beautiful headdress that married women of some part of Lebanon used to wear. As I kept looking at different images of Tantour I could see we could easily recreate it from simple materials we had at home. 

So here is how you can make a Tantour with your children.

You will need:

1. Cereal box

2. Scissors

3. Two scarfs

4. One or two thick treads

5. A needles and a sewing thread

6. Stapler

Steps to make your Tantour:

1. Cut out extra sides of the carton box

2. Measure the size of your Tantour by making a conical shape out of the carton on your child’s head.

3. Staple it together and cut off the extra parts to make a cone. Secure it some more staples

4.  Take a smaller scarf and wrap on shiny thread around it. 

5. Wrap it around the cone’s lower part where it would touch the head and secure with a needle and a thread. 

6. Now, attach a bigger scarf to the top of the cone to have it flow down

Your Tantour is ready! 

Girls had fun wearing it and posting for photos. One more accessory to add to our dress up collection.

Do you have a favourite outfit from one of the Middle Eastern or North African countries? Share with me!


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