Easy Maasai Craft Inspired Bracelet

Easy Maasai Craft Inspired Bracelet

Today I would like to share an Easy Maasai Craft Inspired Bracelet we made while looking at the photos of these beautiful people who are also a part of my children’s heritage. Maasai are known for their intricate gorgeous jewelry that has caught the eye of so many  around the globe. They decorate their neck, arms, ears and heads with layers of bracelets, necklaces and gorgeous earrings, all hand-made from the materials available to them.

Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania are not known as beautiful places. They are also known to be a home for beautiful Maasai people. They are very talented and keep to their old traditions. They history is also very interesting.

The tutorial is so easy and can be made together with your children or by children from 4+ years old up.

You will need:

Pipe cleaner

Colorful thread


Easy Maasai Craft Inspired Bracelet


1. Start by putting together and aligning the ends of several threads and the pipe cleaner. Tie a knot to secure.

2. Using one of the treads, start wrapping it around the pipe cleaner, making sure it is tightly wrapped. The first thread will be wrapped over the other two threads as well.

3. After some time, wrap the next thread. And then the next, until you are done.

Easy Maasai Craft Inspired Bracelet

4. Secure the ends with a knot. Cut off loose ends.

5. Depending on how long your pipe cleaner is you can make one layer or two.

Look how pretty it looks!

Easy Maasai Craft Inspired Bracelet

You can repeat this as many times as you want if you want a bracelet with several layers.

Traditionally the bracelets are beaded. However, I tried creating an easy craft that can be made by a child and using the wrapping technique is what came to mind!


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