Learning numbers with stickers

Yesterday my tots and I were heavily engaged into the sticker activity: we were getting acquainted with numbers and learning how to say them in English. Truth to be told, in my tot class I don’t push learning so much. Their main purpose is to listen to English, play and enjoy themselves. However, from time to time I introduce naming activities, we do crafts and they still learn through this process.

I am always on lookout for simple activities that will not only help the children with the general development (fine-gross motor skills, coordination etc) and language development, but also give them some knowledge about things around (nature, household items, numbers, colors, alphabet etc).

numbers and flower

Learning numbers with stickers is simple and fun.

You will need:

Sheets of stickers with numbers

(I used those puffy ones that are easy to re-stick on any surface)


Magnet board with magnet numbers


Flashcards with numbers

How to do it:

1. Each child gets a notebook with his/her name. This makes the child feel it is a very special activity and at the end you collect these notebooks and keep them for the next time and other similar activities.

2. Slowly introduce the numbers by placing the magnets on the board. Remove them and repeat a few more times (or use the flashcards and put them on some sort of display).

3. Now have the children stick each number after you show and name the number on the board/flashcard. Give the children some time and it doesn’t matter how straight they stick them into their books – as long as they try to maintain the order.

4. Stop after each number and let the child touch it, trace it with the finger and try to name it.

5. At the end, let the children explore the stickers for as long as they like, explain that they are welcome to take them off and stick on other pages.

We spent good 25-30 minutes with these stickers!

Hope you enjoy this activity. Let me know how it goes!

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2 thoughts on “Learning numbers with stickers

  1. I just love this activity. It’s easy – it’s fun. Plus, there is a lot of learning going on. Love it!

    Learning through play is definitely the to go. It really works, it’s amazing!

    What a great way to teach your children English. I don’t think classroom settings do even half as much!

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