Paper cup series: floating flowers

I am starting a new set of series for paper cups craft. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

My older daughter loves picking flowers outside. When she brings them home we put them in paper cups. But today I came up with a new idea: to make special craft with paper cups for floating flowers.

You will need:

Paper cup

Paper plate

Double-sided tape

Glitter (if you don’t have any – cut up color paper into tiny pieces or use stickers instead of double-sided tape and glitter)



How to do it:

1. First, cut the paper cup into half and put glitter on a plate (or plates).

2. Then stick double-sided tape on the outer part (if using stickers – stick them all over and skip to step 4!)

3. Roll the cup in glitter (pieces of paper)

4. Tie the ribbon (the child may need your assistance here), pour some water in, put the flowers in water.


Hope you liked this idea! Thank you for reading my blog!

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6 thoughts on “Paper cup series: floating flowers

    • Thank you! Hope you enjoy being covered with glitter! My daughter didn’t want to wash the glitter off her hands – so much enjoyed it!

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