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Top Ten Holiday Lists

I am happy to participate in this wonderful project – Top 10 Holiday Lists –  initiated by Little Bins for Little Hands and joined by few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network !

Since I always have a hard time finding suitable presents  for children’s birthday, and I don’t want to buy something that would be played with once and then dumped away, I decided that one of the best gifts as a mom, a teacher and an early educator I can make  – collect a gift basket for a child filled with craft supplies. Considering where we live, I always go with things we can find. Let me stop here and reference you to a great post by a fellow KBN blogger, Red Ted Art – Alternative Gift Ideas: Gift Box. I would never have thought to write about my baskets/boxes if not for this post – it honestly inspired me to show what I do!

This post contains affiliated links. I tried to find the best deals possible for the items listed below. If you purchase any items by following my links, I will get a small compensation. Thank you!

Below is the latest gift basket that my 5 year old and I made for a friend’s 3 year old girl birthday.


1. Scissors: choose appropriate ones for the age. For a 3 year old we bough crafting scissors, made 100% from plastic. They cut the paper well and they can’t cut skin. Check out these scissors – Melissa & Doug Child-Safe Scissor Set

2. Foam/sponge rollers. These are great for children starting up with paints and patterns – School Smart Small Foam Design Rollers – 1 1/2 inch – Set of 12 – Assorted Colors

3. Water paints. They are the easiest to work with when starting painting – Crayola 16 Ct Washable Watercolors

4. Construction paper. I can’t imaging crafting without it! There is so much that can be done with construction paper – SunWorks Construction Paper Smart-Stack, 9″X12″, 11 Colors, 300 Sheets

5. Washi/Origami Paper. It works both well for crafting and origami. We love it at our house! – Washi Origami – 360 Sheet Assortment

6. Color Pencils. I grew up having them in the house and both my daughters love them – Crayola 64 Ct Short Colored Pencils Kids Choice Colors

7. There is no art and craft without crayons. They are great and leftovers can be used for craft too – Crayola 64 Ct Crayons

8. Glue. I usually give stick glue to younger children as it is easier to work with – Avery Glue Stic, 0.26 oz, Pack of 6, (98095)

9. Pencil sharpener. Where there are pencils – there are sharpeners! Present Time Silly Mushroom Eraser and Pencil Sharpener, Assorted Colors

10. Drawing paper. Simple white drawing paper for craft and art – Melissa & Doug Drawing Pad

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Top 10 Pretend Play Toys in Our House




Top Ten Holiday Lists


I am happy to participate in this wonderful project – Top 10 Holiday Lists –  initiated by Little Bins for Little Hands and joined by few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network !

Do you like Pretend Play? We LOVE Pretend Play at our house. We allow our children to use real life items for their pretend play, but also toy items. Today I will highlight a few of those in this post! This post contains affiliated links, so if you choose to purchase the item(s), I will get a small compensation.

hanky collage

1. Handkerchief. The most natural and fun item for both boys and girls to play with. Check out my post on Six Ways to  Play with a Handkerchief!


2. This is not exactly a toy, but there are tons of phone apps that allow you and your child to decorate the pictures and can be VERY handy on long trips or in long lines!


3. Coloring pages. They are a great pretend play tools for your child helping develop language skills – color and make up a story as you are coloring!

My pics 384

4. Toy keyboards never lasted long in our house and real keyboards were always a hit! Buying a small simple keyboard for your child is a sure way to help develop music skills, if not – just to have fun with beats and sounds!


5. Using own hands to gesture while chanting or singing nursery rhymes. There is no better tool than your own body! Check out my post for MKB on Translating Nursery Rhymes.


6. Dressing up – another simple way to pretend play. And you probably have everything at home!

2013-10-31 20.37.02

7. I am yet to write about this costume, but Pirate Play is an excellent way to pretend play! We made our own sword, turban and even decorated it!


8. Hats., hats, hats. ALL babies I know love playing with them!


9. From pretend play with playdough – to real dough and dumplings!


10. Double-sided Easel. This was and is such a fun toy and tool! You can purchase it here –

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Top 10 Holiday Lists: Games and Puzzles On Our Shelf

I am happy to participate in this wonderful project – Top 10 Holiday Lists –  initiated by Little Bins for Little Hands and joined by few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network !


Top Ten Holiday Lists

Last week we visited Games and Puzzles and I am here to introduce you (a bit late) the games and puzzles from our shelf.

1. Chess. We bought this lovely Glass Chess Set at Toys’R’Us few years ago and our now 5 year old has been playing it with daddy for a year now.



2. Who doesn’t love Monopoly? Even though the age is set from 8+ we introduced it to miss T when she was 4+ and she absolutely loves it! We have to help her of course but nevertheless it is a fun game.




3. Ludo! I don’t really have to say anything. Just watch out for small objects! It is a great way to teach children simple counting and review numbers.






4. Miss T loved playing Master Mind since she was barely 3 years old. I love how this game helps developing thinking and mathematically challenges children!




5. My Fruit Tree is sort of a puzzle that helps children practice fine motor skills. You have to attach fruit to the tree by using a thread and pulling it through the holes in the tree and fruit.



6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Puzzle! It is easy and it is fun! I use it with my children, I use it in my classes.





7. Double-sided Puzzle. One side is colorful, the other one is not. You use crayons to color the other side and then they come off with a wet wipe or a special cloth and can be reused over and over again.



8. UNO! As you can see, our sets have seen better times! It is a brilliant game and people of all ages love playing it.




9. Boggle. Even though miss T still can’t spell well, she just enjoys sitting along side with us and making words. We help her, of course. Excellent way to teach and practice spelling!



10. Gymnast’s ribbon. This is not exactly a puzzle or a game but it is a fun tool to play with and we have tons of fun playing together with both girls!

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Top 10 Books for Non-English Speakers

I am happy to participate in this wonderful project – Top 10 Holiday Lists –  initiated by Little Bins for Little Hands and joined by few bloggers from Kid Blogger Network !

Top Ten Holiday Lists

Please join us as we share with you are favorite books, games, building toys, pretend play toys, crafting supplies or kits, and stocking stuffers (without food)! Each participating blog will create their own unique list each week for each of the categories so be sure to see what everyone has to offer. You will find all the links below to visit each website. Pin and share for all to see. Happy Holidays!


Today I bring you Top 10 Books for Non-English Speakers!


How did I decide on these books? Very simple. Being a non-English speaker myself (not a Native at least), I raise a multilingual and multicultural family. Our book shelf is a happy mess of Russian, English and Chinese books. Both my husband and I are ESL teachers and we use the books we have at home for both our children and our students. Our children are more Native English speakers than I am (because their first language is English, not Russian).

The following 10 books and series are very popular among our students aged between 1.5 and 12 years old. These books are not written or published specifically for non-English speakers but they are great for them nevertheless!

1. Ladybird series. All books are amazing and I whenever I have a chance get these books! Visit Ladybird website to learn more about these amazing series!


2. You just can’t avoid including Dr. Seuss’s books! While most of them are quite difficult for beginners to comprehend, these 2 are old time favorite and I adapted them to read for both little ones and older students I work with.


3. Another great set of series – Maisy  Mouse! All Maisy books are written in very simple language suitable for younger and older children and they are absolutely loved by parents of my students and students themselves. This is one example of Maisy series – Maisy’s Christmas Eve.



4. Nursery Rhymes. You can’t learn English without learning them! This is one example of the nursery rhymes collection but there are just so many! I love chanting and singing them with my students along with showing them the colorful pages!



5. I have to recommend these series by Child’s Play (International) Limited and any similar books you can find. They are called “Life size companions to Pocket Pals”. They are almost real size interactive books about animals and they are a huge hit with my children and my students ages from 1 to 6 years old! They give a brief description of the particular animal and written in very simple language.



6. This lovely books – Five Shiny Bugs – is a part of Baby Gold Star Series. I love how simple it is and it also has a sensory part to it – the bugs are made of fabric which is great for younger children who are explore the book as they listen to the story.



7. We love this book by Cressida Cowell! What I do with my students, after becoming familiar with the book and vocabulary, I offer them to replace tigers by other animals and of course trees and branches by other animals’ natural habitats. It become a fun way to read and learn!



8. We got this book before we ever learned who The Wiggles were! It is a fun interactive book full of sensory experience to assist learning country and extra vocabulary with the children.




9. This books is for younger children and also for when you learn various verbs of movement.


10. This is just a fun book that I like myself and if you ever find it – it is a good gift too! It teaches about being brave and also has a good vocabulary.

Please check this schedule to come back to my blog on these dates to see more of the Top 10 Holiday Lists!
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